14k White Gold Ring with Jade Cabochon Size 6.5

  • $400.00

Unveil the beauty of this exquisite 14k White Gold ring adorned with a captivating approximately 6.22 carat mottled green natural Nephrite Jade cabochon. This mesmerizing gem takes center stage, enchanting all who behold it.

The top of the ring boasts dimensions of approximately 17 mm x 14 mm, with the cabochon rising to 8 mm above the finger. Every glance at this remarkable piece reveals the intricate details that make it a true work of art.

While the inside of the band shows slight wear through the Rhodium plating, which maintains the bright white hue of White Gold, rest assured that it appears nearly new when worn. The wear is more noticeable in our photos than in person, allowing you to enjoy the ring's immaculate beauty firsthand.

Although unstamped, this stunning size 6.5 ring has undergone independent testing to confirm its composition as solid 14k Gold. Weighing approximately 3.6 grams, it showcases the perfect balance of elegance and grace.